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In the era of globalization, AsiaLink Art Marketing is committed to offering a professional and multi-dimensional Asian art marketing strategy tailored for international artists and art institutions. Specializing in strategic, creative, and art-driven content, we are dedicated to expanding the Asian Art Market for our partners, maintaining markets, collectors, and visibility for them in Asia. Our team comprises experienced leaders in the Contemporary Art and Marketing industry who exhibit a true passion for our clients and their respective fields.

Headquartered in Beijing, AsiaLink Art marketing has established BD Offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore. We specialize in Asian culture and art-driven public relations, collaborating with some of Asia's leading media and brands, as well as commercial and non-commercial spaces. We deliver art and chic-style public relations and marketing solutions that effectively target and engage the Asian Market.

Our commitment lies in utilizing curatorial and mediator methodologies to implement innovative working methods. We aim to revolutionize the conventional public relations model, highlighting the complexity of integration with people and society, and promoting the collection of works in a flexible and diverse way.

Our Advantage

AsiaLink Art marketing employs various marketing means, including social media, exhibitions, events, as well as collector private meeting, etc., to provide new perspectives and opportunities for international artists, galleries, and institutions in the Asian context.

We work diligently to ensure our clients stand out for all the right reasons in the ever-expanding Asian Art Market. We go beyond the ordinary to deliver fresh, creative, and effective campaigns that leave a profound impression on both the public and collectors.

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AsiaLink Art marketing, in collaboration with major Asian Art Fairs, museums, and non-profit art organizations, is dedicated to fostering partnerships and facilitating communication for international art institutions. Our commitment to promoting international art organizations encompasses a range of collaborative efforts and initiatives.

We have a distinguished history of collaboration with numerous public and commercial spaces across Asia. Furthermore, we have engaged in cross-disciplinary IP collaborations with a plethora of lifestyle, high-end fashion, and consumer brands. Our commitment extends to facilitating partnerships and promotional initiatives for international art institutions through exhibitions and events in Asia.

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Director: Weiyi Chen
Address: New Kings Beam House, 22 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD

Assistant Director: Rena Lee
Address: 8 Shaojiao Mid Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing